What is a Composite Portrait?

How Is a Composite Portrait Created? Part 1

Choosing Photos to Use

Ideally, an original picture would be a full-body shot of one person with nothing in the background. 

The color and lighting would be great. The picture itself would be in great condition.


This is not possible – old photos become faded, torn, and damaged.  There be not be many photos available of the person. They are usually in group pictures or just partial. They are often in black and white.

The more pictures you have, the better. I will review and choose the ones that will work best.

Picture guidelines

best quality (list specific formats and resolutions)

Have designed place where they can directly send photos – same place they will be stored and saved for future

Favorite pictures but also best quality


3-4 pictures of each person.

Whole body and head shots

Example of Before and After – Uncle Jack

How Old Photos Restored Slide Show Uncle Jack

An Original Photo of
Great Uncle Jack...
And Another Original Photo
of Great Uncle Jack...
Are Combined...
To Create This Final Result
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How Is a Composite Portrait Created? Part 2

Picture of the child

Bar or Bat mitzvah child taken behind the bimah during a rehearsal.

Depending on the poses available , the people can appear to be touching in the portrait.

Lighting and color is blended. Perspective and angle are adjusted.

Before and After with individual pictures each separate, then combined together in the final portrait

Setting in synagogue as if Bar/Bat Mitzvah at bimah with rest of people

The result will be 

Collage – head shots

Example Lucy

In this examp

If not full body shots, not possible to take picture in synagogue, collage  – with thematic background.