Planning Checklist

Time Line Information Form Choose options Order Form Process Picture guidelines best quality (list specific formats and resolutions) Have designed place where they can directly send photos – same place they will be stored and saved for future Favorite pictures but also best quality Ideally: 3-4 pictures of each person. Whole body and head shots Size of picture 11×7 Names Include other information? Birthdates? Hebrew Names? Quote? Font choice Color scheme Background (standard or custom?) Standard: Backgrounds Plain textures Old parlor Bookcases Garden Backyard Old Wallpaper Quotes L’ dor va dor Comments / Additional information for artist? Delivery Estimated turn around time? Gift? Complete form and send photo(s) as attachment in jpg format. Once have completed form and all photos, will give a pricing and time estimate. Show certain number of examples- get feedback on which they want to go with (what they like and don’t like) – short phone call.

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